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Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine

Overview of Aesthetic Medicine Training

The overall objective of the training program of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine is: To produce medical practitioners who are safe, skilled and competent in the management of all aspects of aesthetic medicine. Entry to the ACAM training program is open to registered medical practitioners.

All registered (in their country of residence) medical practitioners are welcome to enrol in the Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine. Candidates can access the Diploma training material via the online tutorials. Examination is held annually usually corresponding to our annual conference.

The diploma is awarded after:

  • Successful completion of 12 monthly tutorials online
  • Successful completion of written examination*
  • Successful completion of Viva examination*
  • Logbook 100 cases
  • attending Three Day Clinical Workshop which is held annually and provides practical experience in Cosmetic Medicine procedures
  • 2 year full time equivalent experience in Cosmetic Medicine. This can be attained part time and is the doctor’s responsibility to attain.
  • Two references by medical colleague with details of Cosmetic Medicine experience

After successful completion of the diploma, if the doctor is already a Fellow of an AMC recognised college he will be offered fellowship.

*NOTE: Examinations are held annually. Applicant must be a current full member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

The Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine is RACGP accredited Category 2 Activity. Activity Number 16637. RACGP Accredited Activity

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